Partner Toolkit HTTPService - Methods - CreateAccount


This method is only available for use by clients whose account is designated to be a Reseller account.

This method is used to create a new, pre-pay account with the details provided in the parameter settings. The account will be created, and will be available for use, when the method has successfully completed.

If a CSV string is requested, the first line will contain the Transaction code contained within the '#' characters.

» returnCSVString» Boolean
» externalLogin» String
» password» String
» resellerCode» String
» organisation» String
» address1» String
» address2» String
» town» String
» postcode» String
» county» String
» countryID» Integer
» firstName» String
» lastName» String
» email» String
» userPassword» String
» mobileNumber» String
» landlineNumber» String
» fax» String
» orderNumber» String
» vatNumber» String
» notForProfitOrganisation» Boolean
» notes» String

On successful completion of this method, the newly created externalLoginID and externalLoginPasswords are returned.

Return Data


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
            <Description>Transaction OK</Description>


    #1# XX111234